Sunday, 17 January 2010

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Buy your ecigarette the healthier option.

Electronic smoking is quickly rising in popularity and may change the way people smoke forever. Are you wondering if this is something that would benefit you or a loved one? Let's examine some of the many benefits of the electronic cigarette as a sensible and healthier alternative to "real" smoking.

5 Benefits of the Electronic Cigarette:

1. Health. The most dangerous aspect of smoking is the actual smoke and the associated tar, carcinogens and other chemicals that are inhaled into the lungs. With an e-cigarette nothing is actually lit, so there is no smoke, tar or carcinogens. The nicotine is vaporized into a mist that looks and feels like smoke, but isn't smoke. This is clearly a much healthier alternative.

2. Cost. The cost of nicotine cartridges is where you really save a lot of money. One pre-filled electronic cigarette nicotine cartridge is about the equivalent of 20-30 cigarettes. A pack of 5 pre-filled cartridges will cost you around £8. So that equates to one cartridge costing £1.60 . If you are smoking what I was smoking then that would be a saving of £4 per pack! , so if you smoke 20 cigarettes a day you could save £120 a month, I was smoking 40 a day! So I’m saving £240 a month this is a huge saving! Even better than this is that you can buy refillable cartridges and the liquid nicotine called e-liquid so you can refill your own cartridges over and over again. To buy fifty refillable cartridges will cost £16.99 and a 5ml bottle of e-liquid will cost £3.99 . If you choose this route your costs will come down to pence !!

3. Convenience. You can smoke an e-cigarette anywhere because there is no smoke being emitted. You may get some funny looks if you suddenly start "vaping" in a restaurant or bar so you may want to get permission from management first. But technically you can do this in any public area because there is no second-hand smoke to be concerned with.

4. Smell. There is no lingering odor so no more worrying about stinky breath, hair, clothes, hands, etc. You won't be offending anyone with second hand smoke and no one can complain about the smell.

5. Peace of mind. You will have the peace of mind knowing that you're choosing a healthier alternative. True, you're still absorbing nicotine but at least you're avoiding the the incredibly dangerous smoke and 4,000 toxic chemicals associated with tobacco cigarettes.

A lot of people wonder if electronic smoking can help a person quit smoking altogether. There have not been enough clinical studies to prove this one way or another so this is still a debatable subject. However, other nicotine delivery alternatives like gum, patches, etc., are commonly used as a part of many stop-smoking approaches. Common sense would suggest that the electronic cigarette has the potential to do the same.

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